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Providing Superior Live Scan Fingerprinting Services in Miami, FL


As an electronic fingerprinting vendor, 1-Stop Fingerprinting is certified by the FDLE & FBI to provide Level II fingerprint background checks for all employment, license, & examination candidates in Miami. For your convenience, we are centrally located in Coral Gables.

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All applicants (AHCA, DBPR, DCF, etc) are welcomed to our electronic vendor location in Coral Gables, at the intersection of Bird Road & Red Road.

The technology behind LiveScan fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically with our advanced LiveScan machine. 

We are located inside the Pak Mail Store at 5794 Bird Rd, Miami, FL, 33155


What are Level II background checks?

Background checks are the process by which companies find criminal records, but also education, employment history, credit history, references, civil records, motor vehicle records, and license records. Each type of check will reveal different types of information that is relevant to that specific check.

Level 2 Background checks are often requested by companies for employee screening, especially on candidates seeking a position that requires security or a position of reliance -- such as a school (DOE), courthouse (FDLE), hospital (AHCA), financial institution (DBPR), airport, and government (DHSMV). Our electronic LiveScan is able to quickly send the information to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

How do background checks benefit you?

Background screenings help companies reduce costs and liability, but most of all, it ensures that the public stays safe when dealing with businesses .  By ensuring that applicants are qualified to fulfill their employment and licensed roles, proper screening keeps clients, employees and businesses safe. Organizations should make sure that their work environment is safe for everybody involved. As a certified LiveScan vendor in Miami, we provide the safest transaction between our company and the FDLE and ensure your peace of mind.

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1-Stop Fingerprinting delivers the quickest and most convenient LiveScan fingerprinting services for prospective and existing employees, volunteers, and license applicants. Our Coral Gables location ensures persistent passion and dedication for each applicant. We strive for every transaction to be as efficient and simple as possible, so you can quickly be on your way. We capture your fingerprints and electronically send them to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI), which conduct background screening to check for criminal history.

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Our services are vital for those working for hospital systems, schools, not-for profits, as well as real estate licensees, and liquor licensees. If you’re in the industry of health care (AHCA & DOH), education (DOE), real estate, banking, law, construction, human services, financial services, insurance (DBPR), social services, management services, medical (CMS), adoption, childcare (DCF), firearms, mortgage, transportation (DHSMV), pharmaceutical, and state employment we are capable of meeting your needs.