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Live Scan Fingerprinting

What is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Live Scan is the electronic technology that allows the capture of ink-less fingerprints. Using digital optics instead of ink ensures that we are able to capture and transmit fingerprints with superior clarity and detail, thus reducing errors.

Our Live Scan equipment includes a PC workstation, a fingerprint capture device, and a digital camera. With this simple but specialized set-up, we are able to quickly and conveniently transmit your fingerprints to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), which then checks them against national and state criminal databases. Within 5-7 business days, the FDLE sends the results of this check to the agency that requested your background check.


What is Live Scan used for?

Live Scan has almost entirely replaced the traditional ink-based fingerprinting processes. Every time an individual’s fingerprints are submitted, they are subjected to a Level 2 background check, which simply means that they are compared with national criminal history records. Employers and licensing agencies often request a Level 2 Background Check to ensure that the individuals that they are hiring do not have criminal histories.


How does it work?

The entire Live Scan process takes about 2 minutes. Applicants’ fingers are individually rolled against a specialized glass screen that scans the fingerprints and converts them into a digital image. The image is then encrypted and securely sent to an authorized government agency so that a Level 2 background check can be conducted. Finally, the results of the background check are sent to the agency requesting fingerprinting.


What are the Benefits of Live Scan fingerprinting?

There are 3 major advantages to this new technology in the field of fingerprinting:

1.     No mess with ink.

2.     Increased accuracy..

3.     Significantly faster processing.

Fun Fact:

The pattern of your fingerprints will remain the same throughout your life.